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Business leaders, medical researchers, and educators discuss the benefits of the TM technique for reducing stress, improving creativity, and raising performance.

Martin Scorsese and Ray Dalio on Creativity, Meditation & Success

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese and global hedge fund leader Ray Dalio talk creativity and success—and how Transcendental Meditation is a key factor in the development of both.

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Highlights from Business Town Hall on Meditation, Creativity, Performance & Stress

Watch prominent New York City thought leaders - including Mario Batali, Ray Dalio, Mehmet Oz, and Arianna Huffington - on how Transcendental Meditation can reduce stress and improve creativity and performance. The Town Hall is moderated by CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin.

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Jerry Seinfeld, George Stephanopoulos and Bob Roth discuss TM on Good Morning America

In this short video, Jerry, George, and Bob discuss their experiences with practicing the TM technique and the good works of the David Lynch Foundation. Jerry says, "TM is like a charger for your whole body and mind."

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“Work Smarter, Not Harder”

Executives at Washington DC-based green building firm, Tower Companies, describe how Transcendental Meditation has helped them to lower stress, improve energy, focus and clarity and to effectively work smarter, not harder.

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A Complete Introduction to TM

Learn the basics on Transcendental Meditation from leading instructor and DLF executive director Bob Roth. In this short video, Bob takes you through what meditation is and is not, how it works, some of the benefits, and how to learn.

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Highlights from ‘Women, Meditation, Stress’ Conference

At this oversold event at the Paley Center for Media in New York City, a panel of ten women leaders in business, media, education and social services discuss the impact of Transcendental Meditation for reducing stress and stress-related disorders while improving health, creativity and performance.

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Transforming Lives at the David Lynch Foundation

This short video highlights the transformative impact of the David Lynch Foundation's outreaches to at-risk populations, including inner-city students, victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and veterans with post-traumatic stress.

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How TM differs from other approaches with Dr. Norman Rosenthal

In this short interview, Dr. Norman Rosenthal, renowned psychiatrist and medical researcher, describes the differences between TM and other forms of meditation. Dr. Rosenthal highlights TM's ease of practice and it's unique effects on physical health and wellbeing. The interview is conducted by CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin.

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Soledad O’Brien – “TM Can Be Game Changing.”

Soledad O'Brien, American broadcast journalist, describes how TM has increased her health, improved her energy, and given her greater clarity of mind. She says, "TM has allowed me to experience a state of deep rest and relaxation than can be game changing and sometimes a lifesaver."

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Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum on TM for Heart Health

"The TM technique is the single most important thing that women can add to their daily routine because it will make every aspect of life better," states Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, Director of Women's Heart Health at Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC.

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