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Media Coverage

There has been extensive media coverage of the applications of the
Transcendental Meditation program in business, education, and health
care, including the following press reports.

February 24, 2009
“Meditation May Boost College Students’ Learning:
Study finds better concentration, lowered stress after TM sessions”
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“Meditation Lowers Blood Pressure”
Doc: Other relaxation techniques don’t work as well
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ABC News
Corporate health insurance
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CNBC Television
Growing Use of TM in Business
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The New York Times
“Vital Signs: Regimens: High Blood Pressure? Meditation May Help”
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The Washington Post
“More Area Firms Paying Employees to Relax”
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“Mind Over Markets: Meditation is helping millions get focused, stay healthy—and make money”

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“Health: Meditation Benefits Patients with Heart Disease”
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CBS News
“Transcendental Meditation May Help Brain Handle Pain”
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University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine: News Release
“Penn Study Shows Transcendental Meditation Can Help Combat Congestive Heart Failure”
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ABC News Health/Reuters
“Meditation calms the mind, lengthens life: study”
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Southwest Airlines Spirit
“Cubicle Karma”

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CBS News: The Early Show
“Learning to Relax Your Mind and Body”
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ABC News
“Drug-Free Approach for ADHD”

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“Health: Meditate, and Feel Blood Pressure Fall”

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“Meditation May Soothe Stressed Hearts”

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“Meditation as Medicine”

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